Boho Style Handbags, Jewelry & Apparel

  • Sustainably Made Tribal Pattern Yoga Bag

    Your passion for quality will be fueled with this artisanal intricate yoga bag. This unique women's is a sustainably made Thai yoga bag that features an embroidered tribal pattern, purple cotton, and purple cotton lining, Leave the studio in style when you cradle your mat in this gorgeous yoga bag.When one of our yoga bags has reached your door, it has been through a thoughtful creative process from scratch.Straps:47" (120cm) purple adjustable fabric Dimensions:Approx Length: 8" (21cm)Approx Width: 8" (21cm)Approx Height: 28" (72cm)

  • Ethically Handmade Boho Flower Crossbody Bag

    Dreaming of the perfect accessory? This is the handbag from your wildest dreams. This boho women's Crossbody Bag is an ethically handmade Thai handbag that features an embroidered flower pattern, black cotton lining, and adorned with natural cotton tassels. Stay vibrant well-past sundown when you throw on this bold crossbody in the morning.Our handbags go through a process that begins with creative design, and ends with meticulous care. Straps:45" (114cm) black adjustable and detachable fabric.

  • Sustainable Fashion Tassel Drop Earrings

    Here's some jewelry that will accentuate the boho fashionista that you are. These trendy drop earrings are sustainable fashion using cotton / polyester, adorned with orange tassel as decoration. As always this jewelry has been hand crafted to perfection, and is always delivered with devotion. Dimensions:Approx Height: 4" (11cm)

  • Ethically Handmade Bohemian Style Tribal...

    Here's a handbag for the stylishly inclined, and fashionably refined. This bohemian style women's Wallet is an ethically handmade Thai handbag that features an embroidered tribal pattern, black cotton-poly lining, and adorned with white poly pompomThis genuinely unique wallet will keep your essentials cloaked in perfection.From us, you can expect a handbag that has been made with precision and care.Dimensions:Approx Length: 8" (19cm)Approx Width: 1" (3cm)Approx Height: 4" (10cm)

  • Ethically Made Exotic Flower Clutch Bag

    Here ?s an awesome handbag for the fashion forward shopper. This exotic women's clutch bag is an ethically made Thai handbag that features an embroidered flower pattern, black cotton lining, and adorned with silver coinsYou can rest assured that pulling this gorgeous clutch out of your closet will turn heads.Our handbags have all been treated with care from the moment they're created.Pockets: one zipperedDimensions:Approx Length: 11" (27cm)Approx Height: 8" (21cm)

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  • Sustainably Made Stylish Clutch Bag

    This bag, handcrafted by a team of artisans, will be a constant reminder of your dedication to Fair Trade fashion. This stylish women's clutch bag is a sustainably made boho style Thai handbag that features an embroidered pattern, and black cotton lining, Set yourself apart and express yourself the way you’ve always wanted to. This clutch is a bold proclamation of your commitment to fun and freedom.By purchasing with us, you're getting a product that has perfection weaved into every single stitch!Straps:6" (15cm) black wristlet Dimensions:Approx Length: 11" (27cm)Approx Width: 0" (0cm)Approx Height: 6" (15cm)



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