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Fair Trade Harem Pants

Fair Trade Harem Pants

We stylish look at harem pants or as they are most commonly called in Thailand, elephant pants, due to the fact the majority of these pants have some form of printed elephant on the fabric.

To say harem pants are popular is an understaement. These pants are so light and comfortable that it seems nearly every tourist to Thailand buys a pair when they are here. I personally own several pairs becuase they are perfect to wear after a workout or just a lazy afternoon around the house.

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While harem pants have been around for thousands of years in the East they really didn't appear in the West until the 1800's as a controversial fashion style that would come to be know as bloomers.

Popular with feminists, the reason this style was so controversial at the time was becuase they upset the social norm where pants were only ment to be worn by men. This style of pants pants served as a visual statement where feminist of the day intended to show that gender boundaries were no longer acceptable. Until this point in history pants had not been worn by women in public.

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